When is the Village's Leaf Removal Program?

The Village removes leaves from residential streets beginning in mid-October, through the end of November. Leaf removal begins as early as 7:00 am and may continue into the evening. In early October, an informational postcard will be mailed to residents explaining the leaf removal program and schedule. Residents may also receive information on the program by clicking on the “Stay Informed” icon on the Village website and registering to receive New Flashes 


Only leaves should be raked into the gutter. Other landscaping materials such as plants, grass, branches or pumpkins should not be raked into the street. Residents parking on residential streets should exercise caution during this time as hot automobiles can easily ignite large piles of leaves. Residents on Wolf Road only should rake leaves into a single pile on the parkway for collection and not into the street. 


During the removal process, residents can call the Leaf Hotline, 708-246-1800, ext. 305, for daily schedule updates. 

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