What are the rules for solicitation?
Solicitors must display a photo id permit obtained from the Village, except for certain groups or organizations that are exempt from the permitting requirements because of State or Federal Law or Court Decisions (religious groups, political group and companies selling books, magazines, newspapers or other publications). With a permit, solicitors may operate between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m from Monday—Saturday. Soliciting is not permitted on Sundays or holidays Please report any solicitation without a permit, or during non-solicitation hours, to the Police Department at (708) 246-8540.

If you wish to prevent door-to-door solicitors from disturbing you at home, a NO SOLICITING ALLOWED decal is available for display on your door or other easily seen location. The decal can be obtained at the Village Hall.

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1. What are the rules for solicitation?
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