East Train Platform Reconstruction

Posted on: December 8, 2017

East Train Platform: Winter Construction Shutdown and Pedestrian Access

East Platform Winter Pedestrian Access

The East Train Platform construction project will be shutting down for the winter on, December 12, 2017. The contractor will begin re-opening some parking locations  and use of the train platforms between Lawn Avenue and Wolf Road for Metra commuters after December 12. 

Some construction equipment will remain on site throughout the winter, but most parking on Hillgrove and Burlington Avenue should be restored. 

Pedestrian access will continue to be restricted due to closed sidewalks near Wolf Road. Commuters and pedestrians are advised to cross Wolf Road only at designated crosswalk locations and to obey all "Sidewalk Closed" signs posted around the platforms. Commuters should never cross Wolf Road adjacent to the railroad crossing signals. Crossing Wolf Road should only occur at the north crosswalk at Hillgrove Avenue and Wolf Road, or at the south crosswalk at Burlington Avenue and Wolf Road. 

Please see the attached pedestrian access map for additional information. 

East Platform Winter Pedestrian Access
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