Urban Forest Management Plan

Executive Summary

Urban forestry is the term associated with the management of a Village’s tree population, a natural resource that provides important environmental, aesthetic, and economic benefits to the community over decades. Many communities throughout the United States have limited staff, equipment, and fiscal resources to manage their public trees. These issues are even more critical for isolated, rural communities. In addition, the treatment, removals, and replacement of the EAB infested ash trees have increased stress on municipal resources. Village trees must be properly and routinely cared for to ensure the safety of the residents, foster a steady population of high-quality trees and to provide maximum benefits over time. The overall goal of urban forest management is to promote a healthy, diverse, safe, and sustainable urban forest that benefits the current and future residents of the community.

It shall be the mission of this Urban Forest Management Plan to outline goals, budgets, and Arboricultural Best Management Practices for the Urban Forest in the Village of Western Springs. Trees that make up this Urban Forest consist of trees in the Village’s public right of way. This plan also seeks to outline both the short and long term management of this urban forest resource in order to maximize the environmental and aesthetic benefits of the Urban Forest, while minimizing risks and costs. These goals and practices are designed to be financially and programmatically sustainable, as well as flexible for the Village, both now and in the future.

Urban Forest Management Plan (.PDF)

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