Forest Hills Concrete Rehabilitation

Project Introduction

2022 Concrete Rehabilitation
  1. Matthew Supert

    Director of Municipal Services

  2. Jefferey Koza

    Director of Engineering Services

The Village will be completing concrete rehabilitation and patching in portions of the Forest Hills subdivision in 2022. Work will consistent of fully length/depth patches, curb replacement or panel replacement at various locations. The specific areas to receive maintenance will be determined in early 2022. 

The project will be funded utilizing the Village's 2016 Roadway Referendum funds, which were approved by the residents for the reconstruction of streets within the Village. The funds can only be utilized for roadway improvements and cannot be utilized towards other infrastructure. The Village completed similar rehabilitation work on portions of Fair Elms Avenue in 2015.

The work is not anticipated to present any major roadway closures or driveway access issues, however specific residences may be inconvenienced if concrete panels are targeted for replacement in front of the home's driveway. The Village will coordinate with specific residents as necessary.

Project Updates

Village staff is currently in the preliminary planning stages for this work. Additional information will be provided once it becomes available.