Compliance Documents

Illinois Prevailing Wage Act:

Ordinance No. 18-2926

Village of Western Springs Prevailing Wage Act, Notice of Determination

State of Illinois Prevailing Wage

Village of Western Springs Ordinances Regarding Cook County Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Benefits: 

Village of Western Springs Ordinance 18-2918 passed on May 7, 2018 (repealing Village Ordinance 17-2891 and opting into Cook County Minimum Wage Benefit Ordinance and Cook County Sick Leave Benefits Ordinance)

Village of Western Springs Ordinance 17-2891 passed on May 17, 2017.

Cook County Minimum Wage Information:

Information on Cook County Ordinance 16-5768 regarding minimum wage rates, and Cook County Ordinance 16-4229 regarding sick leave, is available on the Cook County website.