2023 Asphalt Resurfacing Program

Project Introduction

The following roadway segments have been selected as asphalt resurfacing candidates for 2023. This year the Village will be funding asphalt resurfacing utilizing both Motor Fuel Tax and Rebuild Illinois Funds.  

Streets planned to be resurfaced in 2023

  • Lawn Avenue from 47th Street to 49th Street
  • Grand Avenue from 47th Street to 49th Street
  • Hillgrove Ave from Prospect Avenue to the Public Works Yard Entrance

These projects incorporate the grinding and resurfacing of the current pavement, replacement, and readjustment of multiple manholes and drainage structures, sidewalk repairs, installation of ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps at intersection corners, new concrete driveway aprons, concrete patching, and curb and gutter replacement. 

Skip Patching
The Village will also complete skip patching or spot patching at various locations within the community in 2023. This work is included with the street resurfacing contract and is expected to be completed later this summer or early fall. 

Project Schedule
The project is expected to begin this month and is anticipated to be substantially completed in August 2023. Parkway grass restoration work will likely be performed in the Fall of 2023.

Project Team Contact Information
For immediate construction concerns and issues please contact the Village's consultant Christopher B. Burke Engineering (CBBEL). CBBEL contact person for this project is Boris Vukovic and he can be reached at 847-975-6929 or via email at bvukovic@cbbel.com. For general questions or concerns please contact Staff Engineer Inga Cebelis at 708-246-1800 ext. 276 or via email icebelis@wsprings.com.  

  1. Inga Cebelis


Notices & Documents

Project Updates

April 24, 2023: The Village Board of Trustees awarded the asphalt resurfacing contract to the lowest responsive bidder Schroeder Asphalt Services. Christopher B. Burke Engineering (CBBEL) will provide oversight on behalf of the Village.