Asphalt Resurfacing

Project Introduction

The following roadway segments have been selected as asphalt resurfacing candidates for 2022. Please understand that streets may be added or removed during the engineering design phase of the project pursuant to asphalt prices for 2022. 

This year the Village will be funding asphalt resurfacing utilizing both Motor Fuel Tax and Rebuild Illinois Funds.  

Motor Fuel Tax Projects

  • Walnut Alley
  • Western Avenue: Walnut Street to Cul-de-sac
  • Park Place: Grand Avenue to Woodland Drive

Rebuild Illinois Projects

  • 46th Street: Wolf Road to Gilbert Avenue
  • Longmeadow Lane: Grand Avenue to Woodland Avenue

These projects incorporate the grinding and resurfacing of the current pavement, replacement and readjustment of multiple manholes and drainage structures, concrete patching, and partial curb and gutter replacement. 

Skip Patching
The Village will also complete skip patching or spot patching at various locations within the community in 2022. Skip patching locations will be determined in Spring 2022 with work anticipated to take place during the summer. 

  1. Matthew Supert

    Director of Municipal Services

Project Updates

 A project meeting is typically not requires for asphalt resurfacing projects. Asphalt grinding and resurfacing typically presents minimal disruption to residents and access to driveways and streets will be maintained with exceptions for daily closures while asphalt work is occurring on a section of the street. 

Residents are encouraged to sign up for project updates via RSS, email and/or text messages  through the Village's "Notify Me" page.