Grand Avenue Reconstruction

Project Introduction

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Every year, the Department of Municipal Services performs a comprehensive roadway survey of streets in Western Springs. The survey includes a visual inspection of the roadway surface and recorded numerical ratings for various types of pavement deficiencies. Examples of failures include various types of cracking, potholes, drainage issues, and overall rideability. These values are summed and an rating is assigned to each roadway segment. 

Grand Avenue was selected as a 2021 roadway reconstruction candidate due to an rating of 18 (Very Poor Condition), placing it as one of the highest rated streets in the community. Roadway improvement projects are identified and prioritized based upon the Village's numerical ranking system (MPCI) for streets along with available funding. Residents can view the Village's complete 2020 roadway inventory at 2020 MPCI Report

The reconstruction of the roadway will be funded utilizing the Village's 2016 Roadway Referendum funds, which were approved by the residents for the reconstruction of streets within the Village. The funds can only be utilized for roadway improvements and cannot be utilized towards other infrastructure. 

Construction Updates & "Staying Informed"

One of the most important aspects of a successful roadway project is communication with residents. Road construction updates will be posted in the "News Flash" section on the right side of this page and each project specific page. Updates are typically sent out weekly. These updates will contain information on the weekly schedule of construction, water shut offs, driveway accessibility, and emergency situations.

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Storm Water

Over the past several years residents have reported and Village officials have observed, numerous storm water issues  within the Ridgewood subdivision. The Village completed two storm water studies, the Ridgewood Infrastructure Plan and the Southeast Drainage Investigation in 2016. Between the two studies, approximately $3.5 - $7.0 million  in storm water improvements were identified for the Ridgewood subdivision and surrounding area. The Ridgewood Infrastructure plan also identified more than $9 million in additional infrastructure improvements, including roadway reconstruction investments. 

The selection of Grand Avenue as a 2021 project is based upon the roadway ranking, however Village staff is looking for opportunities during any roadway improvement project to implement storm water or other improvements whenever possible. Funding for large scale underground improvements is not available at this time and the necessary improvements near Flagg Creek would need to occur prior to with any large scale improvement upstream in the system. While staff does continue to look for funding opportunities for the recommendations identified in the 2016 storm water studies, smaller scale and more affordable at-grade improvements have been identified as potential options to explore that may provide some added relief during certain storm events. Green infrastructure was originally proposed for the 2021 Grand Avenue project, but was removed after public feedback. The project will include the addition of storm sewer installation but improvements are focused on localized storm water management for the new roadway.

  1. Jefferey Koza

    Director of Engineering Services
    Phone: (708) 246-1800 Ext. 202

Project Kickoff Meetings

The Village held two kickoff meetings to gain feedback on potential storm water improvements under consideration for the project on September 9, 2020 via Zoom and again on October 21, 2020 in Ridgewood Park where residents could view examples of green infrastructure enhancements used in other communities.  

Potential improvement locations were presented and comments were solicited for feedback from the community. Please note that the Village has not designed any improvements at this time, and the potential areas do not reflect the size of any proposed improvement. 

The recording from the September 9, 2020 video is available below for viewing.