Well #5

Well 5 Landscaping Concept

The Village would like to provide residents with information about the construction of the new deep well: 

August 2022

A landscaping contractor was selected during the July board cycle and is tentatively scheduling work to begin in August/September with anticipated completion during Autumn 2022. Work include a temporary chain link construction fence around the well location while work is ongoing. Work will include the installation of hardscape landscaping materials, including pavers and gravel in addition to planting of additional trees, shrubs and other groundcover. 

January 2022

Integration of the new well into the Village's water treatment plant is now complete and all construction has ben completed.  The Village is currently scheduling landscaping improvements around Well 5 in Field Park for early 2022. 

November 2021:

Installation, calibration, and integration of the Well #5 flow meter was successful. Integration of Well #5 was completed during the last week of November, at which point the Well successfully utilized one of the process paths for treatment. Follow up and final testing is expected in mid-December. Well #5 is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2021.

October 2021:

The Village is awaiting the installation of a water meter, which has been delayed due to a skilled labor shortage. Following the meter installation, electrical work will be required to properly calibrate the meter, after which it will be integrated with the current SCADA system. Finally, water from Well #5 will be run through the Reverse Osmosis system and tested prior to being put into full circulation. At last week’s Board meeting, Trustees were presented with the landscaping and hardscaping concepts for the area surrounding Well #5, which are planned for the Spring of 2022.  

July 2021:

Well # 5 is operational and awaiting permitting by the IEPA (a 50-60 day process). During this waiting period, the Village intends to install the flow meter and complete all testing.

June 2021:

Well #5 is now operational. 

May 2021:

Well #5 is nearing completion. This month will includes final repairs, initial production testing, and fire hydrant flushing. Once all testing is successfully concluded, Well #5 will be considered online for emergency use, and Phase I integration will be complete. This has been a complex but critically important project building redundancy into our deep well water distribution system. Completion of the well was made even more challenging due to construction and supply delays resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 2021:

The Village’s new deep well is nearing completion. Over the next few weeks, equipment installations and hardware and software modifications will be completed at the water plant facilities. It is anticipated that in early February, the high resistance zig zag grounding transformer will be installed , after which pump tests will be initiated, followed by complete coliform testing. Once test results are clear, Well #5 will be brought into service.

October 2020:

In the coming days the well motor will be set, sealed, and the pump assembled. Column pipe is being mobilized and lengths of pipe will be pushed in the coming week. It is anticipated that pump tests, coliform tests, and IEPA sample collections will take place before the end of the month. The Water Department continues to work with Concentric Integration to ensure that all necessary modifications are completed before treatment tests begin. 

August 2020:

The electrical building for Well #5 has been placed on the site.Soon the work will transition from the Village's contractor to ComED, who will install a utility pole on the south side of Burlington, run the new primary line, and set the transformer. Once that is complete Suez (Waterworks) will be back in to set the pump and motor, later this fall.

July 2020:

Excavation and foundation work for the electrical building has been completed. The underground electrical work has begun, and will take approximately two weeks to complete. The electrical building is scheduled to arrive the week of August 17, and any street closures will be communicated prior to its arrival. Installation of the column pipe, well pump, motor, and test pumping will be scheduled following the completion of site work. Despite numerous construction delays as a result of COVID-19, the well is anticipated to be online by mid- to late- October.