Beginning on Monday, August 30, 2021, all individuals in Illinois who are age two or over and able to medically tolerate a face covering ( a mask or cloth face covering) shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering when in an indoor public place. Illinoisans should also consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities that involve close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated. Click for the full executive order.


For sports played indoors, individuals aged two years and older who can medically tolerate a mask, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask.  Click for the full policy.


Here is the official Executive Order from the Governor.  Here are the sports guidelines.


Illinois moves to Phase 5 today.  Masks are still required in all public areas (hallways, rest rooms, etc.) at both Grand Avenue Community Center and Recreation Center.  Once you arrive in your designated room/gym, the mask requirement depends on the program.  This is due to DCFS guidelines as there are preschools in both facilities.  This requirement is both for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. 

For our recreation programs, we will be following CDC guidelines. Generally masks will not be required outdoors or indoors if a six foot distance can be kept between participants.  


The State of Illinois has moved into A Bridge to Phase 5.  This new phase has little impact on our recreation programs.  It is possible that we will move into Phase 5 by June 11th, which could mean a lifting of all restrictions.

The CDC has stated that vaccinated persons do not need to wear a mask.  We are currently awaiting guidance from the State of Illinois before we update our policy.  Until then, MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED IN OUR FACILITIES.


It seems an email that was meant to be sent out last year, was just sent out now.  Please disregard the following email if you received it:

Subject: Rec Department Classes Suspended as of March 16th

 Due to COVID-19, the Western Springs Recreation Department will be cancelling all activities starting Monday, March 16th. We are tentatively slated to resume our programs on Tuesday, April 7th.

We will issue pro-rated refunds for classes missed once the programs resume.

For further information visit .

Thank you for your understanding.


A Bridge to Phase 5 has been released.  Currently they are general guidelines and most likely program specific guidelines will be given in the near future.

A Bridge to Phase 5


Our region has moved to Phase 4 mitigations. (Tiers have been removed).  The All Sports Policy and Health and Fitness Policy are the same as in Tier 1. (links in 1/22/21 update)

Phase 4 Overview


Our region is scheduled to move to Tier 1 starting 1/23.  This allows us to increase the maximum amount of participants for most of our programs. Visit to view and register for programs.  Below are links to more detailed information:

Tier 1 Mitigations

All Sports Policy

Health and Fitness Policy


Our region has moved back to Tier 2.  This still limits classes to 10 participants.  Sports programs fall under the winter sports guidelines.  In-person programs will begin on Wednesday.  Below are links to more detailed information:

IDPH Press Release

Tier 2 Mitigations

Youth Winter Sports Guidelines


Unfortunately, our region did not hit the metrics to move out of Tier 3.  All in-person classes have been cancelled through 1/19.  We hope that we will hit the metrics by the 19th and start back up on the 20th.  We will update again on the 19th.  RecDesk and Brochure have both been updated with the new dates.


At the January 6th briefing by Governor Pritzker, the following was stated:

In order for a region to have Tier 3 mitigations removed on or after January 15, a region must experience less than a 12% 7-day rolling average test positivity rate for three consecutive days, have greater than 20% intensive care unit (ICU) and hospital bed availability for three consecutive days, and decreases in the region’s COVID-19 hospitalizations as a rolling average in 7 out of the last 10 days.

With this, we are hoping to resume our activities on January 16th.  The metrics for our region (region 10) can be found at: 


Starting 12:01 AM on Friday, November 20th, the State of Illinois goes into Tier 3 mitigations.  Click here for the document.

FAQ Document on Tier 3 mitigations

All indoor recreation programs will be on pause until further notice.

Kensington, Montessori and Grand Avenue Preschool will continue operations as they fall under different requirements.

Our gyms will only be used for one on one trainings, as allowed.

Staff will be reviewing our programs and try to "make up" missed days by extending the program dates.  Participants will be contacted individually by program.  For programs that we can not "make up", participants will receive a pro-rated refund.

Thank you for your understanding.  Stay safe!


Winter Updates (10/27/20) to All Sports Policy from the DCEO, IDPH & ISBE



Register now for Blazers and Wildcats Travel Basketball Tryouts happening August 24th-27th

Register now for Harvest Tennis classes that start Monday, August 10th.  A few spots still available.

Our temporary Fall Activities Brochure is here. Resident registration begins August 14th.  


Governor Pritzker just announced new restrictions for youth and adult recreational sports, including, but not limited to, park district sports programs, school-based sports (IHSA & IESA), travel clubs, private leagues and clubs, recreational leagues and centers. 

The newly released guidance categorizes sports into three risk levels, low, medium, or high, based on the amount of contact between athletes and their proximity during play. The guidance sets four levels of play allowed based on current public health conditions. 

For example in level 1, only no-contact practices are allowed and they must be outside. 

In level 2, indoor and outdoor practices and intra-team scrimmages are allowed but there can be no competitive play. 

In level 3 intra-conference, intra-region or intra-league play is allowed and there may be state- or league-championship games allowed for low-risk sports only. 

In level 4, tournaments, out-of-conference play, and out-of-state play are allowed. State championship games would also be allowed in level 4. 

Beginning Saturday August 15th, low risk sports can be played at levels 1, 2, and 3. Medium risk sports can be played at levels 1 and 2, and high-risk sports can be played at level 1. Please see the guidance for youth and adult recreational sports document for more detailed information.

Please note that Golf and Tennis remain subject to the existing DCEO guidance.


On July 15th, the states regions for COVID mitigation increased from 4 to 11 regions.  We are in region 10. To see our metrics, click on the link below: 

Below is information on how the new tiers work:

COVID Mitigation Tiers


Drop-in Fitness Classes

We will be developing a system that allows us to accurately track, restrict, and manage class attendance, while at the same time providing the user-friendly, drop-in options that are so popular. For some of our programs, drop-in will not work for the short-term future given the additional staff and resources that would be required implement this approach, in light of COVID-19 restrictions. For a select few of our programs, however, we believe that there is a way to allow participants to register prior to, and possibly up to the day of a drop-in program using an online registration system. This will allow staff and instructors access to information about class participants (should it be required for contact tracing) as well as to limit class attendance (to uphold social distancing guidelines). It will also allow participants most of the flexibility they have enjoyed in the past. If you are a participant in Yoga classes, Body Works, Be Strong, Total Body Condition and Fitness Workshop, stay tuned for more information about how this system will work.


Harvest Tennis

Harvest Tennis runs from August 10th through the 28th.  Registration is open. An updated flier is below.
(Late Summer Tennis begins July 20th, see more information in the 7/2/20 update)

Updated Harvest Tennis schedule can be found here


Below are a list of programs that will be starting in July.  Details can be found in our Summer Activities Brochure.  Program dates and any changes are reflected when registering for the programs at Limited spots are available.  Register now!

Program                                               Code                           Start Date

Late Summer Tennis July 20-August 7

Updated Late Summer Tennis schedule can be found here

Summer Camps

5 Day Tower Camp                          420861 F                              7/20

3 Day Tower Camp                          420861 F1                           7/20

Youth Programs

Pom and Cheer                               470760 A                             7/9  

Smart Start Art Camp                      470361 A                             7/13

Yoga & Superhero Workshop          410429 C                             7/17

Yoga & Slime Workshop                  410429 B                             7/24

Let’s Build It Camp                           470361 B                             7/27

Stop Motion Animation
Movie Making Camp                        420661 B                             7/20

Teen Programs

Bicycle Scavenger Hunt                  430723 A                             7/14

Virtual Programs

Young Rembrandts
Pets in Action                                     470333 V2                             7/13

Cooking Up a Story                            410127 V starts                      7/14

Chess                                                 470754 V4, V5 or V6            7/20

All Access Enrichment Pass               470361 V                             register anytime

Magic                                                  470741 V1 or V2                   register anytime

Youth Fitness & Sports/Lacrosse

All future programs are set to run that are in our Summer Activities Brochure.  The only changes are:

Lil Hooper’s                                      420272G1                            7/11       (new class)

Ballerz                                              420272H1                             7/11       (new class)

Pee Wee Soccer Camp                   470224 A1                           7/18       (dates changed)

Pee Wee Soccer Camp                    470224 B1                           7/18       (dates changed)

SNAG Beginning Golf Camp           470225B                               7/18       (dates changed)


Phase 4

Illinois is on the path to move to Phase 4 on Friday, June 26th.  We are still waiting on specific guidelines for some of our activities.  We will be reviewing the Phase 4 guidelines and modifying our programs where possible.  We will update you as more information becomes available.


Summer Tennis Update

The updated summer tennis schedule is here.  Changes to the original schedule are in red.  You will notice that some classes were cancelled, others had their times changed, additional classes were added and for most of the classes, the maximum participants was reduced..  This was due to the DCEO/IDPH guidelines which state that only 4 participants are allowed on a court and only two courts per group of courts are allowed.  On-line registration is available until midnight the day before the classes begin.  After that, call the recreation center front desk to register. Classes begin Monday!!!!

Summer Tennis 2020 Updated Schedule


Summer Program Update

Our previous updates were mostly about cancelled programs.  This time we would like to give an update of the programs that will be running and starting soon!  Starting dates may have changed from the original dates advertised in our brochure.  New starting dates are noted below.  You still have time to register for these classes:

  • Manners Matter – 6/22
  • City Engineers & Architects Camp – 6/29
  • Body Works Plus – 6/9
  • Yoga Level 1-2 – 6/5
  • Girls Sports Camp – 6/23
  • Blazers Summer Elite Level Workouts – 6/8
  • Boys Lacrosse Camp – 6/16
  • Boys Skills for Travel Players (lacrosse) – 6/17
  • Boys & Girls Intro to Lacrosse Camp – 6/16 
  • Pickleball Skills and Drills – 6/8
  • Pickleball Beginner Clinic – 6/10
  • Pickleball Intermediate Clinic – 6/10
  • Pickleball Beginner Clinic – 6/11
  • Pickleball Advance Clinic – 6/11

Virtual Classes for June 

  • Chess
  • Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes
  • Safety Fun
  • Tot Rock and Kid Rock
  • Math Play I & II
  • Magic
  • After School Enrichment Solutions – offering an all access pass with 5 different classes

Contact Recreation Program Manager, Rita Ligeikis, at for detailed information on the virtual classes.

Class descriptions on all of these classes are in our Summer Brochure.  Updated times and dates can be found on our online registration site ( ).  For more detailed information contact the front desk at 708-246-9070 x424.

All participants for all activities will be contacted with information on how the new regulations affect each individual class prior to classes starting.

Tennis Update

Summer Tennis programs are scheduled to begin on their original dates, the week of June 8th.  Due to the DCEO/IDPH guidelines, class sizes have been reduced.  This resulted in having to change times for some classes, cancelling some classes and adding additional classes.  Participants that have already signed up and are affected by these changes are currently being contacted.  We will be sending out an updated schedule to the general public in the next couple of days.

July Program Update

Currently we are highlighting our June classes.  We are hoping that Illinois moves into Phase 4 in July, which should loosen restrictions.  Prior to this phase, we hope to receive updated DCEO/IDPH guidelines.  Once these are received, we will once again review each of our programs and modify them as needed to meet the guidelines, just as we have done for Phase 3.

Senior Center Update

Although the Senior Center is closed we are staying connected virtually by email, Zoom, Aging Care Connections activities. If you are not receiving our emails, please email Mic Cagney,, to be included or to include a family member or neighbor. Please include your name, email address, phone number and address. If you are signing up for someone else, be sure to include their phone number so we can get permission to add them to the list.

Recreation Office Hours

As a reminder, during the month of June, office staff will be available to answer phone calls Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30 AM-4:30 PM and Fridays 8:30 AM-Noon.  Messages left on voicemail will be returned during these hours.  The office remains closed to the public for in-person registration.  Please use on-line registration or the drop box outside of the Recreation Center. 


Summer Program Update

During the month of June, office staff will be available to answer phone calls Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30 AM-4:30 PM and Fridays 8:30 AM-Noon.  Messages left on voicemail will be returned during these hours.  The office remains closed to the public for in-person registration.  Please use on-line registration or the drop box outside of the Recreation Center. 

Staff has continued reviewing all of our programs to fall within the DCEO/IDPH guidelines and we have unfortunately decided to cancel the following programs:

  • Safety Village and Camp Combo
  • Just for Tots 2-day camp, Session 1 (6/9-6/25)
  • Just for Tots 3-day camp, Session 1 (6/8-6/26)
  • Tower Camps, Session 1 (6/8-6/26)
  • Preschool Drawing Camp  (possible virtual option coming)
  • Vet Science Camp
  • Spa Science Camp
  • Up, Up and Away – Building Flying Models
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Beginning Voice
  • Anime & Manga
  • Elementary Drawing Class (possible virtual option coming)
  • Tee-ball
  • Pee Wee Baseball Camp, Session 1 (6/8-7/13)
  • Pee Wee Soccer Camp, Session 1 (6/6-7/11)
  • SNAG Golf Camp, Session 1 (6/6-7/11)
  • Flag Football, Session 1 (6/12-7/17)
  • Cheerleading
  • Tumbling, Session 1 (6/8-6/29)
  • Gymnastics 101 & 102
  • Track & Field Camp
  • Bowling
  • Chicago White Sox Camp
  • Pre-Karate
  • Parent/Child Karate
  • Youth/Adult Karate
  • Lil’ Hoopers
  • Ballerz
  • Junior Golf Development Saturdays (6/6-6/27)
  • Junior Golf Development Sundays (6/7-6/28)
  • Nike Golf Junior Camp, Full Day and Half Day (6/15-6/19 & 6/22-6/26)
  • Tumbling for Cheerleading
  • Chair Yoga
  • Adult Summer Fitness Workshop June
  • Archery for Seniors
  • Golf Adult Group Classes (6/2-6/23, 6/4-6/25 & 6/6-6/27)
  • Summer Family Bingo Night

The following classes have been rescheduled (rescheduled dates in parentheses):

  • Yoga for Youngsters (7/9-7/30)
  • Yoga and Slime (7/24)
  • Pom & Cheer (7/9-8/6)
  • Grandparent and Me Sweets & Treats (8/3)

The following classes will be going virtual.  Participants will be contacted with details:

  • Summer Safety Fun (Safety Village)
  • Magic Class
  • Summer Chess Camp
  • Math Play I & II

An update on tennis programs, pickleball and lacrosse will be coming soon.

Note that we have not cancelled most classes that begin in July.  We hope that we will move to Phase 4 in the reopen Illinois plan and guidelines will change for us to be able to offer most classes.

Due to the large amount of cancelled classes, there may be a delay in your program refunds.  We will give an update when these programs are all refunded.  Please note that we will be refunding to your household account.  You will be able to use the balance to pay for future programs.  However, if you rather receive a refund than have a credit on your account please e-mail cbecker@wsprings with your request.


Summer Program Update

We are continuing to review our programs to fall within the DCEO/IDPH guidelines. We hope to give an update by the end of the day.  We do plan on starting tennis, pickleball, lacrosse, Christopher Spartz basketball and other programs the week of June 8th. Stay tuned for details.


Summer Program Update

The DCEO and IDPH released guidelines for day camps, youth sports, tennis and others on May 24th. Staff will be modifying our programs this upcoming week to fall within the guidelines. We will continue to update the public on the status of our programs as they become available.

The guidelines are posted here:


Summer Program Update

On May 20th, Governor Pritzker gave an update on Phase 3 plans for opening Illinois.  We are still waiting on IDPH guidelines for running our programs.  We should be receiving these in the coming days. 

With the current information we already know, and with staff reviewing how the programs would have to be run, we have unfortunately decided to cancel the following programs:

  • By Gym Mini
  • Cooking Up a Story
  • Session 1 (6/8-6/29) of Just for Tots Camp at Laidlaw and Springdale Park
  • Session 1 (6/8-6/29) of Tower Camp at Laidlaw Park
  • Sewing
  • 4th & 5th grade Basketball League
  • Ponytail Softball League
  • Pee Wee Baseball Camps (6/8-7/13) & (6/10-7/15)
  • Session 1 (6/6-7/11) of Pee Wee Soccer Camp, possibly rescheduled
  • Session 1 (6/6-7/11)  of SNAG Beginning Golf Camp possibly reschedule
  • Ultimate Frisbee Summer Camp

Additionally, so far the following June coop classes have been cancelled by their respective Park Districts:

  • Track and Field Camp
  • Flag Football Camp
  • Youth Sand Volleyball Camp
  • Baby Tunes
  • Spanish for Children and Youth
  • Bumper Bowling

Due to the credit card fees we are incurring when refunding back to credit cards, we will be refunding fees to your household account. You will be able to use the balance to pay for future programs.  However, if you would rather receive a refund than have a credit on your account, please e-mail with your request.

Currently, we are planning on running Session 2 (6/29-7/17) of our Just for Tots Camp and Tower Camp.  We are also planning on starting tennis programs on June 8th with a few changes.  We also hope to run lacrosse programs in an updated format.   We will continue to update you with details as they become available.

The Recreation Center and Grand Avenue Community Center will remain closed to the general public through June.  We will not be renting our facilities during this time.  However, certain programs may be run in these facilities.  We will also have limited front desk hours.  Once these hours are set, we will update you and also post current information on our website at We also now have a locked drop off box located to the right of the Recreation Center main entrance for your convenience. 

Once we receive the IDPH guidelines, we will continue to review each of our programs and decide if we can safely adjust them to meet the guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact Aleks Briedis, Director of Recreation, at


Summer Program Update

On May 4th, Governor Pritzker released his plan for opening up Illinois.  Currently we are in phase 2, which does not allow us to offer recreation programs.  Once we move to phase 3, using the recreation department’s interpretation, we can offer “limited child care and summer programs with Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) approved safety guidance” and “provide outdoor classes”.  Social distancing guidelines would still be in place with “all gathering of 10 people or fewer are allowed”.  Currently the earliest we could move to phase 3 is at the end of May, as long as our region meets the criteria.

One thing to note is that the IDPH has not yet released its safety guidance for recreation programs.  Once these are released, we will need to once again review our plans below.

For our summer programs that begin June 8th, staff is evaluating the programs and adjusting them to meet the criteria above.  Any programs that we do offer, will have a participant limit.  Programs will have one or two instructors, leaving 8 or 9 spots for participants.  For the programs that have more than 8 or 9 participants registered, we will fill the spots in order of when the registration was made.  Others will be refunded their fee.  If any participant is not comfortable attending a program, we ask that you to call or email to withdraw from the program, to open up spots for those who would like to participate.  You will receive a full refund.

We are creating disinfection procedures, for classrooms/areas used, to be completed between each program.

We are contacting the organizations with which we contract, to verify that they will be able to run their programs within our guidelines.

We will meet or exceed any guidelines given to us from the Governor’s office and IDPH.  If we are not able to, we will cancel the class and participants will receive a full refund.  We have and will continue to put our participants’ safety first!

As we continue through this process, we will keep you updated.  We will also contact participants individually with updates to the specific programs in which they are registered.

Staff has been and will be using the following resources to restart safely offering our programs and opening our facilities:

Governor’s Office                              
Illinois Association of Park Districts
Illinois Parks and Recreation Assoc.
National Recreation and Parks Assoc.
Center for Disease Control
American Camp Association
Aspen Institute
US Tennis Association

Additionally staff has been attending virtual meetings with other departments in our immediate area, other municipal recreation departments in Illinois, other departments throughout of all of Illinois and departments in other states, some of which have already opened.

Please contact the Director of Recreation, Aleks Briedis, with any questions.


Due to the extension of the stay at home order through May 31st by Governor Pritzker, we will be cancelling all of our in-person programs during this time.  Our facilities will remained closed and will tentatively re-open on Monday, June 8th. The Historical Society, Montessori and Jo’s Footwork will also remained closed at this time.  Grand Avenue Preschool and Kensington Preschool are currently closed and they will contact you directly if this changes.  

Summer program registration is open and can be completed on-line.  Staff is checking phone messages and will return phone calls with any registration questions. If programs need to be cancelled, you will receive a pro-rated or full refund.

Staff has almost completed refunding for Session 2 programs.  Staff will now be processing session 3 refunds.  We will automatically refund you for session 3 activities, you do not need to contact us for a refund.

During this next month, staff will be evaluating each of our summer activities and putting in place safety procedures following the Illinois Department of Health’s directives.  If a program cannot be modified to follow any directive, it will be cancelled.  We always have and will continue putting our participants’ safety first!

Staffing in the office will be limited during this time. Emails and messages to the front office staff will be returned when possible.  If you have an urgent matter during this time, contact the Director of Recreation, Aleks Briedis, at or leave a message at 708-246-9070 x425.  He will return your message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Stay safe!


Due to the extension of the stay at home order through April 30th by Governor Pritzker, we will be cancelling all of our in-person programs during this time.  Our facilities will remained closed and will re-open on Monday, May 4th. Kensington Preschool, Grand Avenue Preschool, Historical Society and Jo’s Footwork will also remained closed at this time.  

Summer program registration for residents will begin at 8:30 am on-line.  A couple of staff will be in the office to answer phone calls with any registration questions. If programs need to be cancelled, you will receive a pro-rated or full refund.

Staff will be processing Session 2 refunds the week of April 6th.  We hope to have our Session 3 programs begin running the week of May 4th.  Any classes missed will be pro-rated and refunded.  Should the stay at home order be again extended, refunds for Session 3 would be processed after the session ends.

The Tower Trot has also been cancelled this year.  We will run again May 29, 2021.

Staffing in the office will be limited during this time. Emails and messages to the front office staff will be returned when possible.  If you have an urgent matter during this time, contact the Director of Recreation, Aleks Briedis, at or leave a message at 708-246-9070 x425.  He will return your message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Stay safe!

See additional messages from our partners:

Dear Grand Avenue families, thank you for your undying patience, support and understanding in these trying times.  We know many of you are losing jobs and having your own struggles.  Please know that we miss you all.  We will probably never take our jobs and caring for your children for granted again.  Hope to be back in business soon!

Mary, JoAnn and all of our wonderful staff.

In these trying times, Jo’s Footwork Studio will remain caring and giving studio for those in need of dance education. We stand by the Western Springs Recreational Center and abide by the social distancing rules.  Our dance education will continue through online classes until we are told we can resume in the studio. Stay healthy, stay safe! We are all in this together! We appreciate the continued support of the community. 

Jay Fagan

Jo’s Footwork 


The Historical Society will also keep the Water Tower Museum and the Archives located in the Grand Avenue school building closed until May 4.


Due to COVID-19, the Western Springs Recreation Department will be cancelling all activities, programs and rentals starting Monday, March 16th.  We are tentatively slated to resume our programs on Tuesday, April 7th.  Additional information will be distributed prior to that date.

The Recreation Center and Grand Avenue Community Center will be closed to the public during that time.  Kensington Preschool and Grand Avenue Preschool may still be open.  Jo’s Footwork will be closed.  Montessori will be closing on the 17th. They will be sending out their own information. 

The Recreation Center will still be a polling place on Tuesday, March 17th.

The Recreation Department will be answering phone calls and e-mails next week.

During the closure we will be disinfecting and deep cleaning our facilities.


For the safety of our Senior population, we have cancelled all Senior Center programs.

If the Western Springs schools close, we will not have Open Gym at the Recreation Center.

Currently Open Gym will be available over spring break (March 23-27), however we will reassess next week.

We have also moved the polling location in the Recreation Center from the upstairs classrooms to the gymnasium, which has an entrance from the outside.  Election Day is Tuesday, March 17th.


We have received a few questions about the Recreation Department’s response to COVID-19. Please be assured that we are staying current with the situation village wide. The Village’s web site will continually be updated

Currently, the Recreation Department has enacted the following:

We have contacted our cleaning services contractor and instructed them to be extra vigilant with cleaning and disinfecting of our facilities.

Our internal staff is disinfecting touchpoints (door handles, staircase railings, elevator buttons, etc.) multiple times a day.

Additional hand sanitizers for public use have been ordered and will be installed once received.

Encouraging program participants who are sick, not to attend the programs.

Closely monitoring information from the CDC and Cook County Public Health Department and following their guidance:

The Village’s website also has additional information:

If you are uncomfortable participating in our programs, during this time, we will pro-rate refunds to programs and waive the cancellation fee.

We also encourage that the elderly or those with immune system issues should not attend our programs or events, per the CDC.

Thank you and continue washing your hands.