Springdale Stormwater Study

The Village of Western Springs is evaluating storm water drainage issues throughout the southeast section of the Springdale subdivision, with an initial focus on Franklin and Howard Avenue. The Village has retained the services of Christopher B. Burke Engineering (CBBEL) to assist in evaluating existing conditions and develop alternatives to address identified deficiencies. 

Preliminary findings were presented to the Village Board on July 27,2020 and can be found on the Village Board video below starting at the 9:58 mark in the video. 

July 27, 2020 from Village of Western Springs on Vimeo.

Project Scope

CBBEL has performed preliminary topographical review of the subdivision and determined the scope of the project, seen in the map below. The project area encompasses the limits of the tributary area, or the area that is collecting and directing stormwater toward Franklin and Howard Avenue. The collection of information both inside and outside of Western Springs is required in order to outline possible future improvements.

Springdale Storm Water Study Area Map Opens in new window

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    Director of Municipal Services
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