The Treatment and Distribution Process

From the Village's Wells to Your Tap

Water System Diagram-1

Further explanation of the above image is provided in the tabs below.

  1. Water Production
  2. Water Treatment
  3. Water Distribution

The Village has three wells: one shallow well and two deep wells. Well #1, the shallow well, is used for emergency purposes only, and is unable to be treated outside of chlorination. The Village originally drilled a second shallow well in 1926, Well #2, with similar features as Well #1; however, due to lack of production and poor water quality it was capped in the mid-twentieth century and is no longer in use. Wells #3 and #4, the deep wells, can both be fully treated through the low- pressure reverse osmosis plant or chlorinated and sent to distribution in emergency situations. 

DateDepth (ft.)Rate (GPM)Capacity (MGD)Iron (mg/L)Hardness (mg/L)Radium (pCi/L)
Well #119243857801.123
Well #31955161311501.656
Well #41966190110251.476
Well #5

*NOTE: The above water quality information is of RAW water not treated/finished water from the plant.