2015 National Citizen Survey

The Village is pleased to present the results of the 2015 National Citizen Survey of Western Springs conducted by National Research Center of Boulder, CO, an independent agency. The National Citizen Survey is a standardized, scientific survey which measures public opinion in eight key areas of community livability. The survey also contains customized questions that are relevant to the residents of Western Springs. Of the 3,000 randomly selected households that received the survey, 44% were returned. Households that did not receive a survey were invited to participate by taking the survey on the Village’s website. The results of the survey have been compared to similar communities throughout the country which provides a benchmark for performance measurement. Below are the results of the survey and a video overview from the October 12, 2015 Board of Trustees workshop meeting. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free to contact ivelkme@wsprings.com .

1. NCS User Guide (973k)

2. Complete Survey (2,058k)
    a) Table of contents
    b) Survey responses
    c) Comparisons to other communities
    d) Survey methods
    e) Survey materials

3. Dashboard (318k)
    Summary of ratings across the eight facets and three pillars of a livable
    community, picture of Western Springs’ community livability pgs. 1 - 3     

4. Comparisons by Western Springs' Neighborhoods (447k)

5. Community Livability Report (336k)

6. Comparisons by Demographic Subgroups (493k)

7. Open Ended Responses (374k)

8. How to Put Survey Results To Work For Your Community (1966k)

9. Tower Topics Special Edition—Summary of Survey Results