Development Proposals

Proposed (and Revised) Amendment to the Timber Trails Planned Unit Development Ordinance – Applicants: Timber Trails Development Company LLC, McNaughton Development, LLC, and Mr. Tim Holcer (resident and property owner in Timber Trails) 

The parties noted above are requesting an amendment to the Planned Unit Development Ordinance (“Ordinance”). The Ordinance is one of the documents that regulates construction, zoning, and many other aspects of the development. While the Ordinance regulates all property within the development, the applicants have specified 160 single family lots that would be affected by the proposed amendment. Those lots are listed in the revised application provided below. The underlying zoning, which is R-2 Single Family, would remain in place. 

The applicants have request an amendment to the Ordinance to expand the rear yard encroachments to permit elevated decks and patios, as well as rear yard encroachments by elevated enclosed porches. The original request, heard by the Plan Commission, requested that elevated decks, patios, and porches be allowed to extend a maximum of fifteen (15) feet into the permitted rear yard setback with a maximum width of fifteen (15) feet. The revised application, requests that only the “enclosed” element of the request be approved and that the decks and porches not exceed the allowed ten (10) foot rear yard encroachment. Below you will find the revised application submitted by the applicants.

The Village received the following documents from the applicant and the Village Board will consider the request for approval or denial at their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 9,, 2022, at 7 p.m. at Village Hall. There is no Zoom broadcast for the meeting. Questions or comments may be emailed to


514 Hillgrove Avenue - Mixed Use Development

KLM Development Group of Hinsdale, recently received approval of a conditional use permit to construct a new, 3 story mixed use building at 514 Hillgrove Avenue. The developer has returned with a revised plan for a 4 story building (with the additional floor set back 20+- feet). The remainder of the original plan will remain unchanged. The Plan Commission will consider this request on April 7, 2022.



Garden Market shopping center – Exterior building and site renovations 

Federal Realty is the owner of the Garden Market shopping center and is requesting approval of exterior building and site renovations. The Plan Commission will consider this request on April 7, 2022.

17 W. Ogden – New townhome building

Tower Real Estate Development is proposing to rezone the site at 17 W. Ogden in order to construct a five unit townhome building. The Plan Commission will consider the zoning requests related to this project on April 7, 2022.

Foxford Station

Foxford Station is a project by Foxford Station LLC, of Hinsdale. The project is a mixed use building at the southeast corner of Wolf Road and Burlington Avenue. The original site included the former Tischler’s grocery store, Breen’s Cleaners, and a parking lot to the east. The building is four stories with approximately 3,600 sq.ft. of commercial space and indoor parking on the first floor. The original plan included three upper floors with a total of 52 apartments above however the plan was later revised to include 28 luxury condominiums. More information can be found at Foxford Station's website.

Final Version of Plans:

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