Public Right-of-Way Sales

What is Public Right-of-Way?

The Public Right-of-Way (ROW) is a type of easement reserved for transportation purposed such as sidewalks,roadways, railways, etc.  The ROW is in place to allow for maintenance or expansion of the existing transportation services. 

Purchase of Available Public ROW

There are certain sections of public ROW in the Village that can be purchased by residents who own property adjacent to them.  These sections of ROW are in areas that were previously reserved for the use of transportation services but later abandoned. Prices for the ROW sales can be seen below. These prices have been set by the Village Board and do not require the buyer to purchase the entire portion of ROW available.

Price Table

$27.50 Unencumbered
$21.50 One Encumbrance
$19.50 Two Encumbrances
An encumbrance is defined as a utility easement of a Village owned service (ex. storm sewer, relief sewer, water main, etc.) that lies within the public ROW in question.

Complete information on the purchase process as well as pricing information can be found in the Village's ROW Disposal Policy (Resolution 17-2384)

Please see the map on this page for all available ROW sales in the Village of Western Springs. The spread sheet available below will also provide additional details on each piece of ROW available. Any buyers who are interested in a portion of ROW should contact the Municipal Services Department using the contact information on this page. All ROW purchases must be brought to the Properties and Recreation Committee at the beginning of the month and approved at a Village Board Meeting.
This map allows for user to zoom in and select specific items.  Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.  You can use the + and - on your keyboards to zoom.  Clicking an item will allow you to see specific details. A full screen version of this map can be found at the following link: Available Right-of-Way Sales Map