Fire Supression & Rescue

Supression & Rescue Operations

Fire suppression and rescue operations include response to and control of emergencies involving:
  • Carbon monoxide alarms / investigations
  • Electrical distribution system emergencies
  • Elevator rescue
  • Fire
  • Fire alarm activation / investigation
  • Hazardous materials
  • Home lockout
  • Investigation of alarm system trouble signals
  • Natural gas emergencies
  • Smoke / odor investigation / mitigation
  • Sub-surface rescue
  • Vehicle accident wash-down
  • Vehicle rescue
  • Weather related emergencies


Fire suppression and rescue services response is broken down into three broad categories, as follows;
  • General alarm - Includes any reported fire in or threatening a structure, a reported smoke condition / odor of smoke in a building, and any activated commercial / residential fire alarm
  • Still alarm - Includes electrical wires burning / arcing / down, vehicle fires not threatening a structure, unknown / suspicious odor investigations, carbon monoxide detector investigations, natural gas leaks, elevator rescue, and other miscellaneous responses
  • Mutual aid - Includes automatic fire equipment response to neighboring communities and response to major incidents through M.A.B.A.S. (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - the State of Illinois mutual aid organization)