Sidewalk Program

Existing Sidewalk Replacement

The Village will replace an existing sidewalk square with a trip hazard of 1 1/4" or more at no cost to the resident. Cracked sidewalks that do not meet the trip hazard requirement can be replaced with the resident paying 60% of the village's contractor's price.

If you are interested in replacement of an existing sidewalk square, please contact the Municipal Services Department at 708-246-1800 ext. 200. Replacement is done in the summer and requests made after commencement of work will be placed on the list for replacement the next season.

New Sidewalk Installation

On September 25, 2006, the Village of Western Springs established a sidewalk policy (Resolution 06-1933) that will guide the Village and residents in the installation of new (where none exist) sidewalks and also provide a funding mechanism. The information below will help residents understand the process for installation of new (where none exist) sidewalks:
  • A show of support for the installation of sidewalks on a block is the first step. This is done by submitting a petition from residents requesting the installation of a sidewalk in a certain localized area within the Village.
  • If there is support, the process for the creation of a Special Service Area (SSA) will begin. The process begins with the Village sending a survey to the owners of record within a proposed project area. This survey will include estimated project costs and a projection of how much would be allocated to each resident. If at least 50% of the responding owners of record within the proposed area demonstrate support for the sidewalk installation project, the Village Board will create the SSA. The establishment of a SSA will be done only after the Village Board finds that it is in the public interest to (a) construct the proposed project and (b) fund it under the SSA process.
  • The Village assists the property owners with the funding of the sidewalk installation by contributing a 30% public share of the total cost of the sidewalk installation, subject to annual budgetary and grant funding constraints. The Village property owners included within the project area shall contribute a 70% private share of the total cost of the sidewalk installation.
  • The entire SSA process usually takes 9-12 months from the time the first petition is received to the completion of construction.

For more information, please contact the Municipal Services Department at 708-246-1800 ext. 200. Additional information regarding sidewalk installations in the Village can be found in the April 2006 Report on Sidewalk Installations.