Tree Inventory

Tree Inventory ApplicationResidents may view the Village's current tree inventory through our interactive mapping application through at the following link: Village Tree Inventory (

Diseased Trees

Parkway trees that are diseased or stressed should be reported to the Public Works Division through the Online Service Request Form. A representative from the Forestry Section will examine the tree and determine an appropriate course of action. If a tree dies, the village will remove it and grind out the stump.

For more information about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation, please visit the EAB section.

Parkway Tree Replacement

The Parkway Tree Replacement Program allows residents to replace or add a parkway tree and share the cost with the Village. Residents are prohibited from planting their own tree in the parkway and permission is needed for the specific location, spacing, and species. Interested residents should complete and submit a parkway tree replacement form by the deadline, to ensure a spring planting. The program takes place from mid-February through April of each year. During that time, the order form can be accessed using the link on the left side menu of this page. 

Tree Trimming

Parkway trees greater than 7 inches in diameter are trimmed of dead, dying, diseased, interfering, objectionable, and weak branches every five years by a private contractor. The Village trims trees in the winter while they are dormant. 

Smaller trees are regularly trimmed by village crews. Residents are prohibited from pruning, trimming, spraying, or any other interference of parkway trees. If you have a small parkway tree that needs trimming, please use the Online Service Request Form to make the request. Please note that tree trimming during the spring, summer and fall, will only occur to address immediate safety hazards.


The Municipal Services Department generally has garden mulch available to residents in the spring. Residents can request a delivery of approximately 3 yards by completing the online request form (which is typically activated in mid-March once mulch supply is known). Deliveries will be scheduled as staffing and weather permits. Self-serve mulch pick-up at the Public Works yard has been suspended due to the danger posed by Tollway construction in the area. 

Residents are cautioned against "volcano mulching", which can damage and/or kill trees. Pull mulch away from the bases of tree and shrub trunks, creating a donut-hole. Do not pile it up against the trunk (“volcano mulching”). Excessive mulch on the trunk causes moisture to build up, creating ideal conditions for insect pests, diseases, and decay. For more information on good mulching practices, visit the Morton Arboretum website.

Arbor Day

Each year the Village plants a parkway tree in honor of Arbor Day and the important role that trees play in our daily lives. The 2022 tree planting took place at St John of the Cross Parish School, with students participating in a ceremony. You can watch the video here.