All solicitors and peddlers must submit a license application and, if approved, receive a permit from the Village, except for certain groups or organizations     that are exempt from the permitting requirements because of state or federal law or court decisions. 

Examples of these exceptions include: 
Political canvassing; advocacy of charitable, religious, or social causes not involving fund or commercial soliciting; companies selling books, magazines, newspapers, or other publications; and, census takers (through September 30, 2020).

With a permit, solicitors may operate only Monday–Saturday between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm. Soliciting is not allowed on Sundays and holidays. Residents may post a sign on their front door stating they do not want solicitations. These signs are available at Village Hall. Please report any solicitation without a permit or during non-solicitation hours to the Police Department at 708-246-8540.


Solicitors/Peddlers Licensed by the Village of Western Springs

The following is a list of vendors currently licensed to solicit in Western Springs. If a solicitor, who is not on this list attempts to conduct business with you,     does not fall under one of the above exempt categories, and fails to produce a valid solicitor's permit, please contact the Police Department's non-emergency number at 708-246-8540 to file a report.

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