GIS Maps / Directions

What is GIS?

GIS, Geographical Information System, is a piece of software that allows the Village of Western Springs to visually portray data and analyze, interpret, and understand various relationships and trends. In the past, the public would contact staff in order to obtain portions of the vast information stored in the GIS database. Now, improvements in technology allows for the Village to share much of the same information online.

Interactive Maps

The interactive maps below have been created to allow the public to obtain vast amounts of information on locations in Western Springs.  Clicking on a map below will open a separate web application that performs very similar to Google Maps and Bing Maps. The web application allows users to zoom in and out, search for an address, turn data on and off, and find the information in areas of town that you are interested in.  Please keep in mind that new maps will be created and added to the list over time. 

PDF Maps (non-interactive)
For driving directions, Google Maps provides directions to and from anywhere. Western Springs zip code is 60558.