Licenses & Permits

Building Permits

Permits are required for new construction or alterations of existing structures to ensure that public safety and health standards related to building construction and land use are maintained for the general welfare of the community.
Building Permit Application
Home Occupation Permit Application

Liquor Licenses

The Village of Western Springs controls alcoholic liquor through sale restrictions and permissions as described and specified by the Village’s code. Licenses are issued based on the various types of classifications.
Liquor License Applications

Vehicle License

All residents of the Village who own or lease a licensed motor vehicle registered with the State of Illinois, even if the vehicle is not operated, housed or stored within the Village, are required to pay an annual vehicle license tax. New residents should register vehicles within 30 days of moving to Western Springs. Vehicle stickers are also required for trucks and motorcycles.
Vehicle License Application

​Scavenger License

Scavenger License Application

Contractor License

Village licenses and bonds are required for all trades except for plumbers and electricians.
Contractor License Application

Business License

All businesses operating within the Village of Western Springs must be registered. Licenses are renewed annually on January 1 and are issued by the Clerk's office.
Business License Application

Solicitation Licenses

All solicitors and peddlers must submit a license application and, if approved, receive a permit from the Village, except for certain groups or organizations that are exempt from the permitting requirements because of state or federal law or court decisions, for example: religious groups, political group and companies selling books, magazines, newspapers, or other publications.
Peddler's License Application
Solicitor's License Application

Pet License

Residents owning a dog or cat must register the animal within 10 days of acquiring the pet. The fee is $10, paid annually by May 1 of each year.
Pet License Application