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Western Springs, Illinois
740 Hillgrove Ave.
Western Springs, IL 60558-1409
Ph: 708-246-1800
Fx: 708-246-0284
Water Testing and Data
The Village is required per IEPA regulations to ensure that the water going to distribution meets all IEPA safety drinking water standards. Various tests are conducted by the Village and by a third party lab.

Village Testing

Currently, plant testing on the finished water leaving for distribution is done three times a day, Plant testing includes the following water parameters.

  1. Total Hardness
  2. Calcium Hardness
  3. Alkalinity
  4. Iron
  5. pH
  6. Turbidity
  7. Fluoride
  8. TDS
  9. Total chlorine
  10. Free chlorine

The Village also conducts regular BacT and chlorine residual samples at various locations within the Village. Details regarding those samples and sampling locations can be found on the IEPA's Water Watch Website

Water Profile Information
Finished Water Profile
2015 CCR
RO: Water Quality Out Letter
RO: Final Water Quality Information

Contacting the Village
If residents are experiencing issues with the taste or quality of the water at their home they are encouraged to contact the Water Department at 708-246-1800 x 215. Plant operators can follow up regarding various issues and if needed take a water sample for testing. 

IEPA Testing 
The following data is required to be submitted to the IEPA on the listed timelines below. All sample data submitted to the IEPA is conducted by a third party, independent lab. Detailed information regarding the Village's IEPA testing and test results can be found on the IEPA's website at the Illinois Drinking Water Watch

Per the Safe Water Drinking Act the Village is required to produce an annual report known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). A CCR is an annual water quality report delivered by community water systems to their customers. The CCR includes information on source water, the levels of detected contaminants, compliance with drinking water rules, and some educational language. The reports are due to customers by July 1st of each year.

IEPA monitoring Schedules
Program # of Samples Freq.
Coliform (TCR) 15 Monthly


Lead/Copper 30 Every 3 Years
Stage 2 DBPR 2 Yearly

Generic Finished Sampling Station
Coliform, Total 1 Monthly

Treatment Plant
Comb. Radium 1 Yearly
Gross Alpha 1 Every 3 Years
IOC 1 Every 3 Years
Nitrate 1 Yearly
Nitrite 1 Every 3 Years
SOC 2 Every 3 Years
Vinyl Chloride 1 Every 3 Years
VOC 1 Every 3 Years

Well #1
E. Coli 1 Monthly
IOC 1 Every 3 Years
Nitrate 1 Every 3 Years
Nitrite 1 Every 3 Years
RAD WO U 1 Every 3 Years
SOC W  1 Every 3 Years
Vinyl Chloride 1 Every 3 Years
VOC 1 Every 3 Years

Well #3
E. Coli 1 Monthly

The complete document can be found at the following link: Western Springs Monitoring Schedule.