What do I have to do to have a Block Party?

It is necessary for the Village to be aware of the date, time and location of a block party in order to provide for the safety of the attendees, as well as contingency plans, if an emergency arises in which the street on which the party is held would be ordinarily used for access. Current Village policy requires that any block desiring to hold a block party obtain a permit not less than one week in advance of the event. The permit is granted simply by filling out the block party Consent Form and paying the $50 deposit. The form is available at the Village Hall or online here. Print the Consent Form, get it filled out by your neighbors and return it to the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department will process the permit, notifying the Fire and Police Departments of the scheduled event. The $50 deposit is required for the orange cones and will be returned when the cones are picked up by the Public Works Department. On Friday afternoon preceding the weekend event, the Public Works Department will deliver the necessary orange barricade cones to a designated person for use during the block party. The cones will be picked up by the Public Works Department on Monday morning following the event. Any further concerns should be directed to 708-246-1800, Ext. 200.

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