I-294 Corridor Planning

March 2020

Intermittent l-294 ane closures are scheduled with Illinois State Police-assisted full stops to relocate the crane to the center median work zone. Following this there will be a long-term one lane closure in the northbound direction. This shift will reduce the need for pile driving in the overnight hours, as well as allow the Tollway to safely complete work in about half the time. Due to reduced traffic volumes from Illinois’ current mandatory “stay at home” order, the lane can be closed long term without major impacts to traffic.

February 2020

The Tollway sent a letter to residents in close proximity to the BNSF railroad bridge expansion project worksite, to notify them of the work that will be done there in the coming months. You can read the letter here.

January 2020

Trees have been removed along the temporary easement on Hillgrove Avenue, to facilitate the BNSF railroad bridge project. Temporary fencing will be installed and a portion of sidewalk access will be eliminated. 

December 2019

The Tollway is posting real-time webcam images of the project on their website at: https://www.illinoistollway.com/projects/tri-state/bnsf-bridge 

Village Trustees decided to recommend to the Tollway that the pedestrian bridge be moved to 47th Street. 

October 2019:

As part of the Central Tri-State Tollway (I-294) Project, the existing pedestrian bridge that connects Western Springs and Hinsdale is being replaced.

The Village of Western Springs and the Village of Hinsdale are working together to determine the location of the new bridge. The two proposed locations are: 

1) at the existing location at Maple Street/Minneola Street, or 

2) north of 47th Street at Spring Rock Park and Veeck Park. 

In either location, the new bridge will meet pedestrian ADA accessibility standards. The Village is considering several factors when determining the replacement bridge location including impacts to adjacent property owners, use of the proposed bridge by Western Springs residents, and community goals.

Please take the following survey to help determine the location of the replacement pedestrian bridge, no later than Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Tollway Pedestrian Bridge Survey

See the draft renderings of the proposed locations/designs here.

September 2019:

The BNSF Railway bridge project is underway. Learn more at: https://www.illinoistollway.com/projects/tri-state/bnsf-bridge .

Read the Tollway’s Press Release on the BNSF Railway Bridge Project. 

June 2019:

Starting this fall, a lengthy and complex project will begin between Western Springs and Hinsdale: BNSF Railroad Bridge video

February 2019: 

Tollway Noise Study Presentation to the Village Board, February 25, 2019.

December 2018: Traffic Noise Report released by Tollway

The technical noise study is now available online. This analysis followed the Tollway’s Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy, per the federal noise abatement regulations. The Tollway has also added information and resources about noisewall construction to its website. 

July 2018: Central Tri-State Tollway Open House Meeting


March 2018: Board Presentation

In March 2018, Tollway officials met with the Village Board to present details about the proposed BNSF Railroad Bridge component of the project. A PDF of the presentation to the Board can be found at the following link: BNSF Board Presentation 03-26-18

Central Tri-State Tollway Information

The Illinois Tollway Authority as put together a website with preliminary Information regarding their design objectives for the Tri-State Tollway. The presentation from the 04/24/17 public meeting held at the Hinsdale Oasis is found above. 

Residents mail email their comments directly to the tollway at the link below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

In 2011, the Tollway completed a comprehensive 18-month review and public discussion of the Illinois Tollway's needs for its existing system and opportunities to improve regional mobility. As a result of the public input and discussion, the Illinois Tollway Board of Directors adopted the 15-year, $12 billion capital program, called Move Illinois: The Illinois Tollway Driving the Future, identifying improvements to the Illinois tollway system.

As part of that capital plan, the Tollway identified the reconstruction of the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) from 95th Street to Balmoral Avenue. 

What are the Tollway's plans for I-294?

The Tollway created the Central Tri-State Corridor Planning Council to coordinate with regional stakeholders along I-294. Council members included representatives from the council of mayors, the region's transportation agencies, local business association leaders, local municipalities and representatives from the commercial freight industry. The complete list of participants on the council can be found at the following link: Central Tri-State Corridor Planning Council Participating Members

The council met over a period of six months during 2015 to identify issues and opportunities, and build long-term corridor recommendations from the participating stakeholders. The Council's findings and recommendations were published January 2016 and the report can be found at: Central Tri-State Tollway Corridor Planning Council: Findings and Recommendations 

Has the Tollway met with the Village?

Village staff has met with the Tollway on several occasions in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Tollway staff and their engineers are gathering survey information from the Village to locate underground utilities such as water and sewer mains, fiber optics and other infrastructure near the Tollway right-of-way. 

Tollway engineers are also gathering survey data, soil boring and other information near the BNSF bridge. The BNSF bridge will present a major coordination effort between the Village, the BNSF and the Tollway when any reconstruction project occurs. Reconstruction of the BNSF bridge as well as any diversion of rail traffic is expected to take place prior to any work on the I-294 corridor. In April of 2016 the Tollway met with the Village to discuss the potential impacts of the BNSF bridge work. The Tollway provided the Village proposed easements for the construction of a shoo-fly for the bridge work. April 2016 - Illinois Tollway Proposed Easements for BNSF Bridge Reconstruction Easements

Similar work may be required for the bridges at 55th Street, 47th Street, Ogden Avenue and the pedestrian bridge at Maple Street.

What concerns or information has been provided to the Tollway? 

The Tollway requested from the Village information regarding the locations of underground utilities for their preliminary engineering work. The Village has also provided the Tollway a letter in July 2016 outlining comments and concerns pertaining to the BNSF bridge improvements. The letter from the Village Engineer's Office can be found at the following link: July 16, 2016 Letter to Illinois Toll Highway Authority.  

Has the Tollway talked to the Village about widening I-294?

Conversations with the Tollway and the Village have focused on the reconstruction of the BNSF and the potential impacts from that reconstruction. The Tollway has stated that they are exploring the possibility of adding additional lanes to I-294 and a recent presentation on April 24, 2017 outlined the Tollway's recommendations to their Board. It is anticipated that the Tollway Board will provide direction to their staff's recommendation in late spring. 

The Tollway was expected to present their Master Plan for public comment in late spring 2017, but it was delayed until an unspecified date in 2018.