2018 Spring Boys Travel League

Designed for the more competitive lacrosse player in grades K-8.  Commitment to the travel lacrosse program is a must.


Click here for registration form packet for registration.  

How to Register: 

Registration Codes 

Code: 220245 G: 1/2nd grade –  U8: 
Birthdate between 9/1/2009 – 8/31/2011 
Experience level 6mo or more

Code: 220245 J: 3/4th grade – U10: 
Birthdate between 9/1/2007 – 8/31/2009 
Experience level 1 yrs or more

Code: 220245 K: 5/6th grade –  U12:
 Birthdate between 9/1/2005 – 8/31/2007 
Experience level 2 yrs or more

Code: 220245 L: 7/8th grade – U14: 
Birthdate between 9/1/2003 – 8/31/2005  
Experience level 2 yrs or more 

Registration Fees 

Registration fee by 1/19/2018  -       $650
Registration fee after 1/27/2018 -     $750
Cancellation fee after 2/3/2018 -      $30.00
No refunds or cancellations after 3/1/2018 

  • Helmet Stickers available to order online or with registration forms. Click here to view stickers. 
            220245 AA for a PRO 7 helmet
            220245 AB for a CPXR helmet
            220245 AC for a CPV helmet
            220245 AD for any other type helmet
  • Volunteer sign up available when registering 

Spring Travel includes the following:

  • Program dates Jan 26th – June 9th 2018
  • Indoor travel practices start Friday on Jan 26 thru March 16 (no Feb 16) at Max McCook.
  • Practice start outdoors 1st week of April (depending on weather and field availability).
  • There will be six to eight Home/Away Games for 1st-8th grade in the suburban area (mid -April thru mid-June).
  • Rip the Duck Tournament in South Bend, April 7/8th or Rip the Cow in Milwaukee April 14/15th  (extra cost for hotel, meals).
  • Tower Tournament at Lyons Township High School scheduled on June 2.
  • 3rd tentative tournament to be determined
  • IBLA Playoffs start early June
  • Prices include game league scheduling fees, indoor/outdoor fields, coaches, tournament fees, referee fees, uniforms, and supplies and admin costs. 

Indoor Practices 
Fridays, January 26 thru March 16 (no Feb 16) from 6 – 7:30pm at Max McCook 

Outdoor Practices

Teams will be put in the IBLA league. This league is comprised of many different lacrosse clubs from the north, south and western suburbs. Games start in April mostly on the weekends, but some weekday games may be scheduled. 


  • Rip the Duck April 7/8in South Bend or Rip the Cow April 14/15 in Milwaukee (all teams may not participate and travel, hotel and meals not included) 
  • Additional tournament subject to coaches and their team TBD (all teams may not participate) 
  • Tower Tournament June 2 (all teams participate) 

Additional Team Dynamics

Players must be experienced in 1st thru 8th grade. Designed for the more competitive lacrosse player. Commitment to lacrosse program a must! The team is a group effort and the team counts on everyone's commitment. Player must have at least 1 – 3 years experience for U11 – U15 and at least 6mo for U9.

Time commitment is critical to succeeding in any endeavor and we understand that there are many interests competing for your time. We are expecting our teams to be very competitive and Western Springs Lacrosse needs to be a priority if we are to be successful. Please understand that if you are chosen for the A team, we expect 100% commitment to the team practices and game schedule. 
Parent meetings will be held, once the teams are organized to go over more specific details about the season, tournaments, etc. The coaches for each team will determine the date and time of the meetings. 
Price does not include: 
—Travel, accommodations, and meal expenses for tournaments. 
—Player equipment. See 
List of Required Equipment 

Volunteer Commitment 
This is a parent/volunteer run program that depends heavily upon your involvement. All families are expected to participate as volunteers as needed.There are many volunteer opportunities that are available and sign-up is available on registration days. 
Please note that all dates, fees and details are subject to change. Questions may be directed to Mike Thuma, Lacrosse Coordinator,