Roadway Construction


The Municipal Services department is responsible for the annual improvements of roadway infrastructure within the Village. Responsibilities include design and review of engineering plans, inspection of construction, and communication with citizens in project areas.

This page includes the general information that residents should understand about road construction projects. Please read all material on this page before moving to the individual project pages. This page includes the in-depth information of work that can be done in any type of road construction project. The individual project pages will only provide you with a brief outline of work that will be done for that particular project.

Construction Updates & "Notify Me"

One of the most important aspects of a successful roadway project is communication with residents. Road construction updates will be posted in the "News Flash" section on the right side of this page. There will be updates at least once a week during a project, if not more. These updates will contain information on the weekly schedule of construction, water shut offs, driveway accessibility, and emergency situations.

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2015 Roadway Projects

Below are the projects that are planned for 2015. These links provide residents with in-depth project information, updates, and project documents.

General Information for Road Construction

Start Dates and Public Meetings

Specific dates for the start of construction and public meetings will be set once the planning phases have been completed for each project. Letters will be sent to residents and information will be posted on the project page prior to the meeting date. The public meeting will provide a more detailed explanation of the reconstruction process. Residents are encouraged to attend, review plans, and ask specific questions. Residents who cannot attend the meeting may schedule separate appointments with Municipal Services.

Driveway Accessibility

In reconstruction projects, residents should expect to be displaced from their driveways for several 3 to 4 week periods while the roadway is removed and the new pavement is placed and cured. Provisions will be made to permit overnight street parking on surrounding streets for all residents affected by the construction. Any resident using a handicapped parking sticker for their vehicle should notify the Village should special arrangements need to be made.

In resurfacing projects, residents will not lose access to driveways for extensive periods of time. However, there will be phases when the contractor is removing the existing pavement or pouring the new asphalt when driveway access will be limited. It is possible that residents can be displaced from their driveways for multiple 8-10 hour periods.

Water Shut Offs

Residents will experience periods of time without water during reconstruction projects that include the installation of water main. These times will be scheduled unless an emergency shut off needs to take place. Residents will be informed of a water shut off at least 24 hours before unless an emergency arises. In any case, water shut offs will be announced in the "News Flash" section to the right of this page and updates will be sent to residents who use the "Notify Me" feature.

Driveway Aprons

All driveway aprons will be removed and replaced during the reconstruction process. Aprons will be replaced with standard concrete unless the resident requested the use of asphalt in writing otherwise. New aprons will meet the width of the existing driveway at the sidewalk and taper 3' on both sides at the curb line. These specifications can be found within the Village Code (See 8-2-8 of Village Code).

Private Walkways

Private walkways extending from the Village’s sidewalk to the roadway will be removed and replaced in kind with few exceptions. If you currently have a brick paved walk, your bricks will be removed and stacked at the front of your property. It is the resident’s responsibility to store the brick until it is time for the walk to be restored. For walkways that are made of slate, the Village is advising the resident to have them removed before construction begins and replaced once construction has ceased. Because slate or bluestone is both fragile and expensive, the Village will not remove, reset or replace it (See 8-2-9 of Village Code).

Sprinkler Systems

Residents are required to mark private sprinkler systems in the parkway prior to the start of construction. Marking includes placing stakes or flags at sprinkler heads and locations of piping in the parkway and within 3 feet of the house side of the public walk. If the sprinkler system is not marked, no attempt can be made to minimize damage to the system.

Golf Cart Taxi Service

The Village is also implementing a taxi service using the Public Works golf cart that will be available during working hours. The golf cart will be available to transport residents from their vehicles to their homes when the road is closed due to construction. The only requirement for this service is a signed Hold Harmless Agreement that is available at the bottom of this page. Hard copies will also be available at the public meeting and at Village Hall. Information for scheduling the taxi service will become available at a later date.

Documents and Forms

Roadway Reports
The following annual roadway reports will outline the roadway construction projects that occurred for the year. The modified pavement condition index (MPCI) report outlines the review process that staff performs every year for each segment of roadway. The reports were created to inform the public on the process of choosing each project, the scope of the project, challenges that occurred, and the overall budget.