Programs & Services

  1. Auxiliary Police

    Western Springs police auxiliary officers are normally assigned to assist full-time personnel in the daily delivery of quasi-law enforcement services, community relations, and for selected emergency / disaster operations if needed.

  2. Bicycle Patrol

    During the summer months, trained Police Department officers of the Bike Unit patrol the village parks, streets, and business district.

  3. Bicycle Registration & Safety

    All two-wheel bikes should be registered with the village, and important safety guidelines should be followed when riding a bike.

  4. Child Passenger Safety

    The Child Passenger Safety program offers officers a chance to educate parents in selecting the appropriate child restraint and in securing the child in the vehicle restraint.

  5. Explorer Post 740

    Learn about explorer post 740.

  6. Firearm Safety Kit

    Firearms safety program

  7. I Live Alone

    If you live alone or know of someone who lives alone, enroll in the I Live Alone program. Your information will be kept in our files should an emergency arise at your address.

  8. Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan & Petition

    The Village of Western Springs Neighborhood Traffic Management Program assists residents in enhancing the safety and livability of their neighborhoods.

  1. Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch is a program that enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime, solve problems, and improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.

  2. Online Services

    Online services include parking ticket payment, accident reports, and arrest / crime summaries.

  3. Peer Jury

    The Western Springs Juvenile Peer Jury has helped guide area youth since October 1997 by providing youthful offenders with a second chance.

  4. Premise Alert Program

    The Premise Alert Program is a useful tool for both Police and Fire responders and dispatch centers to be aware of special information or instructions regarding persons with special needs or disabilities that require immediate attention when calls for service are requested to a location.

  5. Radar Display Signs / Truck Enforcement

  6. Special Olympics

    Every year, citizens and business organizations are asked to support the Western Springs police officers who join officers from every state to carry the Special Olympics flame.

  7. Vacation Watch

    The vacation watch program is a service provided by the Western Springs Police Department where members of the department will conduct periodic physical checks of your residence while you are on vacation or away from your residence for an extended period of time.